Here Today, Grown Tomorrow

Each year during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, applications for residency are open to entrepreneurs across Africa. Over 1500 applications are expected per annum and from this, 300 - 500 successful candidates are selected to be part of the programme for 12 months with the option to renew their residency.

In order to be selected as a resident at 22 ON SLOANE, entrepreneurs are required to meet the following criteria as well as conditions for selection:

Selection Criteria Expectations from Selected Residents
  • Applicants must have registered business.
  • The business entity should operate as a private entity, social enterprise or cooperative.
  • Proposed business should be based on an identified market opportunity.
  • South African residents are expected to be present at the campus at least 200 days in a year. Exception is given to other African countries who are only obliged to be physically at the residence for 14 days and 200 days virtually.
  • Ability for the resident to pay R975 (USD75) per month. Resident companies with over five team members will receive a discounted fee.
  • Finally, ability to smile and learn from not succeeding, but keen to TRY AGAIN.

*Residents can access the campus for 24hrs while non-residents can access the campus between 08h00 and 17h00*

Residence at 22 ON SLOANE

GEW 2017 Masterclass Session
13 – 16 November 2017

Our Facilities

  • 10,000 square metres
  • Over 500 workstations and offices
  • WIFI
  • 3 Tech Labs
  • A large state of the art boardroom for over 20 pax
  • 4 kitchen facilities
  • 5 lounges
  • 180 parking bays
  • Gym
  • 6 shower facilities
  • A siesta room
  • A prayer room
  • Pop-up shops and product displays for residents
  • 5 boardrooms for meetings
  • Think Tank room
  • Phone rooms
  • Kids and adults play room
  • Locker facilities
  • Over 20 partners under one roof
  • And finally the heart of the campus – The Atrium – an indoor open space for networking and events